Side Downdraft Paint Booths

Side downdraft paint booths are the economical solution to the downdraft booth. A side downdraft booth affords the painter the ability to have similar airflow as that of the downdraft but without having to do concrete work or pay for a raised floor basement exhaust system. The side downdraft paint booth can come pressurized (heated) or unpressurized. The unpressurized side downdraft paint booth is not heated and draws air in from higher up in the shop. Generally this is where cleaner shop air can be found. Air is pulled in through filters located in the ceiling and then down and away from the product through exhaust filters located on the lower side walls. The exhaust filters capture the overspray particulate that has become airborne. The pressurized side downdraft paint booth has heated make up air that is forced into a top plenum on the side downdraft. Pressurizing the side downdraft paint booth allows the painter to create an environment that is optimal to their particular painting style or product needs. Additional options include air make up units, powder coating, third party booth listing, listed controls, bifold doors, trifold doors and drive thru product doors.