Make Up Air Heaters

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Do you need energy-efficient, direct fired makeup air heaters (air make up units) or a direct-fired air handler with DX cooling or evaporative cooling options? Or would you like a 100% outdoor air or 80% return air direct fired air handler and/or make up air unit? We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you to see how BANANZA® direct fired makeup air units can heat and/or pressurize your building! Please remember that Bananza can ship direct-fired air handling equipment quickly. In many instances, shipment can be made within 2- 4 weeks from purchase.

GFS Makeup Heaters Brochure

RTT Makeup Heaters Brochure


Heating, Cooling and Pressurization Systems

  • Improved indoor air quality – Helps dilute airborne contaminants making exhaust systems operate more efficiently
  • Augment existing ventilation system-unit can be designed to automatically modulate outdoor air volume from 20% to 100% to help meet ventilation requirements in cold weather and decrease heat buildup in warm weather
  • More consistent temperatures and less stratification – Optional cooling effectively reduces indoor air temperatures to help keep people and processes productive
  • Cost savings – Heating systems deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building resulting in energy savings
  • Flexibility and convenience – Heating systems require little to no ductwork and can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • Evaporative and mechanical cooling packages available.